Product Descriptions

Additional information can be found on each product type on the main website (our-products) including pictures and full details. Below you can find a quick description of each product and how they correspond to the gallery cart descriptions.

Paper Print

All photographic images are printed or premium heavy weight satin photo paper, offering superb colour renditions and each to frame weight. All images are printed with an additional white border for framing and handling purposes. Additional framing is required to permanently display your photos.

Canvas Print

All gallery items are printed in the size specified with no cropping of the preview. Each canvas is ready to hang, is 1.5″ deep, and features our “coloured wrap” in which the image appears to wrap around the edges for a finished side appearance. Canvases are fully protected against the elements (UV light and abrasion), and are printed on a true heavyweight canvas material.

Fine Art Paper Print

When specified our fine art paper prints are done on a heavy weight 100% cotton fine art paper. This category is reserved for images that are reproductions of paint media artworks (or digitally painted/created images). All prints are printed with additional paper border for handling and custom framing purposes, and will need further treatment before final display.

Float Framed Canvas

Fully framed canvas print (printed on our premium, true canvas medium) using our front mount floating frame. Each frame stands 1.5″ deep on the wall and is available in a painted black finish (which suits most images).
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