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Find out below how to market and sell your images online by joining us in the new Canadian Canvas Gallery. We are currently accepting interested photographers and artists who are looking for a convenient and attractive portal to show and sell their favourite images.

Market and Sell Your Images Online

In Four easy steps we will assist in setting up your own personal gallery to display and sell your artworks online (you show them and we take care of the rest). Contact us through regular channels to discuss an interest in joining the gallery and to find out the set commission that we pay on every piece

    Once you have decided to give us a try, you can get to gathering your favourite images to include in the gallery. We recommend starting with under 50 images per batch as it does take some time for us to manually add them to the gallery.

  • Gather your full resolution images and upload them to us.
  • Important – File Naming should appear as such – title to be shown online followed by description or keywords in brackets eg. “Sunrise Over the Plains (wheat,alberta,flat,silo,morning,favourite).jpg. All images are searchable online via the title and description.
  • Full size images are NEVER kept online – maximum size is 1200 pixels in the longest dimension for viewing and are right click protected.
  • When preparing your images, note that all gallery items are offered in set sizes and images will be cropped to the nearest proportion- Currently ratios we use are 1:1 (square), 2:3 (Standard dSLR), 1:2,1:3,1:4 (panoramic). We can add more sizes where demand is determined.
  • We reserve the right to reject images due to content, or image quality.
    Every Creator has a direct link to their own personal gallery page which can be linked to or shared anywhere you like. Feel free to leave us a bio or any additional information to be listed at the top of your personal gallery

  • Copy your own personal URL from the gallery and promote as you like across social platforms, email, blog site etc.
  • Whether on desktop or mobile your personal gallery will be viewed with professional look and organize results.
  • Every individual image has social sharing buttons included to facebook, twitter, and pinterest for you or any guest to link to
  • The gallery will also be promoted to internal traffic ( website) as a direct order gallery of Canadian images.
    This is where we take over and you don’t need to do a thing.

  • Every print is produced on our premium materials and shipped for free in Canada and the U.S.
  • The same care and attention that goes into our custom prints will be done with your personal images
  • All gallery orders are bumped to the top for a 2-3 business day production time. – similar to our “rush production” option for custom work
  • All order tracking and follow up (replacing of damages etc) we take care off
Get Paid
    All creators must have a paypal or other service account in which to be paid directly online via email.

  • Each product sold has a set commission that is paid at time of shipping – % is divulged in reply email
  • Currently we do not have a online tracking system for traffic or sales of items and payment is done on the honour system.
  • We want you to get paid, and make sure to do so as soon as an item ships (just in case of a order cancellation)
  • Product size and image will be indicated in payment email
  • Please make sure to indicate in your contact email if you currently collect G.S.T. or H.S.T. (on commission amount)
  • If you think the Canadian Canvas Gallery is fit for your images or in conjunction with your other direct sales approaches, then feel free to contact us via our regular channels with interest or any other questions.

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Shop Relocation! - some production delays expected - Apr 22 - May 6