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Your home has its own unique style: so should your pictures. These free editing tools open up a world of possibilities.

Let your creativity soar and then print it with us! Getting creative is easy with free online editors like Pixlr Express or Pic Monkey where you can create full size designs online and save them to your device. 

Get creative with adding text, effects, editing your images, adding borders and pre-crop to a set proportion. Your images have no reason to be bland with resources like this to add additional flair. 

Start Editing

Step One

Go to the Pic Monkey website and click the Edit button at the top. This will then prompt you to select an image from your computer. Once selected, it will bring you to the Edit page.

Step Two

Once you're into the Edit page, you'll see your edit options along the left-hand side. Add whatever effects you like until the image looks the way you want it to.

Step Three

If you're finished with editing, all you have to do is hit the Save button at the top of the image, select your saving preferences, and then select where you'd like to save the image.

Step Four

Head on back to Canvas Canada, upload your image, select your printing preferences, and place your order. Couldn't be easier!

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