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Browse through millions of picture options and then allow us to take care of ordering the file that best suits your printing needs.

In conjunction with Thinkstock, we can offer decorator canvases with millions of picture choices, without the need to open an account. Let us take care of downloading the properly sized file for your canvas. 

Simply find the photo or illustration that suits your theme or taste and use our “special projects” tab to order your print by referring to the Thinkstock file# (that is all we need). Stock canvas orders will be combined with any custom photo orders. 

Once you have your file#(s) in hand (make use of the lightbox on thinkstock to keep track of your choices), visit our Special Projects page and fill in the appropriate information

Special Projects

Get Started with Thinkstock

Thinkstock has an array of images for your décor needs. If you’re decorating an office, your home or child’s room, you’ll find great options for these and more on Thinkstock's WEBSITE

Here's how you can get started on selecting a work on their website:

Step One

Head on over to the Thinkstock website where you'll start off with a search function and a list of popular categories. Type in what you're looking for or select a category that interests you.

Step Two

Once you've located an image from the search results that you like, click on it. When you click on it, a new window will open up and you can copy the Item Number that's below the download button.

Step Three

Finally, come back to Canvas Canada, input that number into the Special Projects tab, select your printing preferences, and then place your order.

Note: Thinkstock is a paid service. For only $10.00 per download we will take care of downloading the proper file for your order.

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