NOV 25th is the recommended order date to ensure Christmas delivery

Unique Metallic print that is ready to stick on any flat surface (removable) for a quick and affordable high end presentation


Metallic Peel and Stick Prints can be found on the “paper prints” tab after uploading your image. All initial sizes are proportionate up to 30×48 for the maximum size. Custom sizing is available as with most of our other products. All metallic peel and stick prints are protected with a satin finish film laminate that can be easily wiped clean.  Peel and Stick prints can be scissor trimmed while the release layer is still attached (to separate small items or cut to a unique shape), small corners or details may need a razor and cutting mat as the material is too thick for sharp turns with scissors.


  • Unpack your order (peel and stick prints typically ship flat)
  • Wipe down your wall or surface with lint free cloth (if there is any grease it may need to be cleaned as well)
  • Peel back approx 3″ of the silicone release paper from the top (we recommend using a pointy blade to catch the release paper – in order to prevent accidentally peeling the corner of the image)
  • Apply level where you would like (with the assistance of a spotter or bubble level)
  • Peel back release paper and hand smooth onto the wall (if a large image, this can be done in stages – images are very easy to install flat with no bubbles or creases)
  • Avoid the adhesive on the back sticking to itself as it is difficult to separate
  • If the image needs to be re-positioned (or removed) we recommend using a blade to lift the first corner in order to prevent de-laminating or damaging the corners
  • Make sure to keep the back of the print clear of debris when re-positioning (it will act as a very large lint roller)

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NOV 25th is the recommended order date to ensure Christmas delivery